Bruce's Field - Aiken Horse Park, Aiken, SC

Aiken Winter Encore
February 3-6, 2022

Aiken Winter Encore.
Aiken Winter Encore.
Congratulations to the winner of our $2,000 Open Jumper Welcome Stake: Loren Hazard-Daniel and Abilene, owned by Rosalie Midyette. Second place went to Emily Smith and her E-Star ETC, and third place was Kitt Ritter and Sina. Thank you to Aiken Saddlery for sponsoring our opening class!


Aiken Winter Encore.
Aiken Winter Encore.
Congratulations to the winner of the $9,999 1.25m-1.30m Jumper Classic: Alexandra Baugh and Kyra, owned by Christine Turner. Second place (by .2 of a second!) went to Erin McGuire and her horse Kasarr, and third place was Sarah Cousins and OTTB Syndicate’s Wizard. Thank you to Barb Gould Uskup and Find Aiken Homes and Farms for sponsoring this class!
We would also like to extend a thank you to DFG Stables for sponsoring the VIP tent refreshments from one of our favorite caterers, Board in Aiken. A big thank you as well to Braemer Road for sponsoring the Chick-fil-A breakfast.


For full results from the Aiken Winter Encore show, please visit, follow us on our Instagram page @equusevents, or find us on Facebook: Equus Events.

Thank you to A&S Photography for so many fabulous photos!

Meet Our Sponsors: Nautilus Equine Salt Water Spa

Helios Equus Events
Helios Rehabilitation Center, which is based out of Lincolnton, Georgia, and their Mobile Nautilus Equine Salt Water Spa trailer joined us for a great weekend at Bruce’s Field. Their salt water spa is designed to help prevent inflammation, swelling, and injuries before they begin. The water, which also contains Epsom salts, is kept at a chilly 35 degrees. Each spa cycle runs for 16 minutes total. It is recommended that your horse use the Salt Water Spa after exercise or after showing. For more information about the Nautilus Equine Salt Water Spa and the Helios Rehabilitation Center, please visit If you missed them this weekend, they will be returning to Bruce’s Field for our future shows!  


Thank you to all of our exhibitors, staff, and sponsors for making our Aiken Winter Encore show a success! We hope to see everyone again for the two-week Aiken Charity Horse Show at Bruce’s Field on May 4-8, 2022 and May 11-15, 2022. Equus Events will also have a horse show at the Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) in Mill Spring, NC, on May 18-22, 2022. This is a WCHR week. For prize lists and more information, please visit our website at